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Who Am I?

And who really cares?


I’m a 40ish something fella who is married and has kids. Who isn’t right? laughing I have a severe case of OCD. To the point where my wife thinks I alphabetize the spice rack. I didn’t, it just looks better that way. I’m also a bit in denial although I’d never admit it.

Very much an entreprenuer that likes to solve problems while helping others. (After I’ve solved the problem of course. It’d be pretty tricky to help someone else before I had the answers, now wouldn’t it?)

Over the years I’ve started several businesses. Some have failed and some are successes. It’s through all these ups and downs, ins and outs that I’ve learned what it takes to not only succeed in business but, to succeed online.

charles heitz head banging
rig licking his blanket

My dog Rig, licking his blanket

More To The Story

Not really…

In the limited amount of time I have to ‘relax‘ I do enjoy gaming and live streaming on Twitch. The headbanging .gif above is something I made for my streaming channel. I also hang out in Discord a bit chatting with folks I’ve met in the gaming community.

I also read quite a few ‘self help‘ books on business and success. Books like Think and Grow Rich or Rich Dad, Poor Dad I try to read at least once a year. I also like books on marketing and advertising and read those as often as I can. My personal Bible as those books are concerned is a short book on advertising called Ca$hvertising. I highly recommend all the books I’ve mentioned if you have never read them.

Founder of HD Marketing

My baby, my pride and joy. I think I’ve heard that somewhere before. I am the founder and President of HD Marketing a full service digital marketing firm based in Cecil County, Maryland. We primarily help businesses in the Balitmore area but, do have clients all around the world.

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